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Healthnet is a non-government organization established by a dedicated team of doctors, researchers, scientists and academicians who believe in bringing about a change in the health sector of Pakistan. The problems faced by the common Pakistani man are not realized by the government or the health sector higher-ups. The Healthnet motto is “self reliance towards a healthier Pakistan”. The areas of operation of Healthnet are:

• Establishment of state of arts modern research and teaching body to monitor human health related issues including cancers, osteoporosis, allergy, emphysemas, and genetic, immunological, bacterial, parasitic and viral diseases and various oral pathologies.

• The allotment and dispensing of existing vaccine(s) and drug(s) and their effective monitoring throughout the region.

• Development of local medicine to the extent that common Pakistani can afford them.

• Diagnostics of various viral and other diseases and genetic predisposition measurement is beyond the reach of a common person. In particular large numbers of people are infected with viruses such as Dengue, HCV, HBV, HPV, EBV, HCMV, HEV, HAV, & Cancer, Type 1/2 Diabetes (T2D, & cardiovascular diseases (CVD). To make these diagnostic investigations reachable by a common Pakistani. As a first step in this direction Healthnet has established Pakistan’s first diagnostic laboratory dedicated to oral diagnosis “Pathodont”.

• Launching of Academic/Research Institutes with degree awarding HEC recognized university leading to an independent entity in the form of a university.

The idea of Healthnet was conceived by the founding members of the NGO:

Dr Ishtiaq Qadri.
Vice Chairperson
Dr Joharia Azhar Saadat.
General secretary
Mr Saadat Ali Asad.
Finance secretary
Mr Mohammad azhar.
Additional General Secretary
Mr Mohammad Qasim.
Joint Secretary
Mrs Kaneez Fatima.
Secretary Admn and HR
Mrs Naghma Kauser.

News & Events


18th April 2012

Healthnet meets the president of Kashmir and Kashmir health bureaucracy and get approval for the establishment of center of Virology and immunology, Center of Cancer Biology, Center of medicinal chemistry and burn and trauma center under the umbrella of KIHS in Rawalakot.

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26th march, 2012

Vice chancellor Muzzafarabd university approves the establishment of KIHS in Rawalacoat.


February 2012

Healthnet meets the president of Kashmir and floats the idea of establishment of Kashmir institute of health sciences in Rawalakot.